Friday, August 14, 2015


Hi everyone! Yess i'm back! (Not sure how long this time)

Yeap, i'm the new person right now. I've already turned to 28 last June 24 and i know i havent write anything since 2013 (wow, that long?). And Alhamdulillah i feel blessed with my life, work (sometimes not) and still, finding true love, lol.

So whats new in you guys life right now?

I got new roles at work but unluckily the salary wasnt raised up. Haha its ok. So i'm handling with so many things like hey what do you need at staff house?, hey you need to help me complete this thing!, hey i need you to go there immediately!, etc. I can get heart attack believe me :'( That all thing i need to handle mostly everyday and make sure it went well but i learnt something from this. You cannot expect you will receive as much as you give. After been year drown in this type of work, i feel strong for no reason. Like yeah, sometimes i dont care if they treat me, hurt me or what, i just need to do my work until 5.30. You know at the end of the day, what is the last thing you gonna feel? You gonna be blessed :-) because you just realized you able to went through it.

P/s: i put my latest pictures so that u can see im fat right now. Haha


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